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Toy Story 3

So what if I was nearly crying at the end...

it's an emotional film!

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Winter Warmer

I'm ridiculosly grateful for earmuffs right now! I have been for the past week but right now even more than before!!!

If I hadn't purchased the best earmuffs in earmuff history I'd probably consider growing an afro!...I'm actually being serious! There's two things I dislike severly about winter...cold ears and cold feet! This Winter I only have to worry about one of those...and it's not my ears.

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yeah yeah yeah I'm greatful! ...sorry thankful! [stupid thanksgiving]

but in all life couldn't be better than it is riiight now!

and for that I am truley ..... thankful!

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Mariah knows!

Christianity is founded on the greatest of all miracles, the resurrection of our Lord. If that be admitted, other miracles cease to be improbable. They were intended to be a proof to the Jews that Jesus was the Christ. Many of them were also parabolic and instructive, teaching by means of symbols such divine truths as the result of sin and the cure of sin; the value of faith; the curse of impurity; and the law of love. Miracles were and are a response to faith, and its best encouragement. They were never wrought without prayer, felt need, and faith.

It is important to notice the different names by which miracles are described. They are called signs, as being visible tokens of an invisible power; they are powers or mighty works, because they are the acts of One who is almighty; they are simply works, or the natural results of the Messiah’s presence among men; they are wonders, marvels, because of the effect produced on those who saw them.

Miracles happen daily. Through humble means are great works brought to pass!

I am humbled!

*before more people this is not a quote from Mariah Carey!!!! it's from the bible dictionary!...Mariah wishes*

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I love Birmingham! I really do!

what I do not love nor understand....

"tarra a bit"


see you soon


shove off!

...any of these will do...

what does "tarra a bit" even mean!?!?!

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"To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best night and day to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle any human being can fight and never stop fighting"

- e. e. Cummings
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