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Kanye loves

and I'm pretty fond of them too.....(that's a major understatement)

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This week amongst my, "I'm stressed so need to calm down" activities I have been skim reading my journals, notebooks, scrapbook, quote book and anything else that I may have scrawled in to pass the time. Procrastination is more than an art; it's a skill! While Procrastinating in the past I was preparing myself an ocean of material that I can use to procrastinate in the future!

There is such a change, it doesn't take much to see! length of posts, frequency of posts, subjects, styles, viewpoints, views! My interests change , the people mentioned ebb and flow with the seasons. Some people mentioned I have no idea where they are or what they are doing, but I know that if I were to come across them all would be good! It's nice to read entries about people who I am still friends with now and to see how our friendships have progressed! I have learnt a lot about myself in the past few years, much of which I have learnt through the example of others; wether it be first or second hand. Many of the people who have shaped me into the person whom I am today have no idea of the role they have played even down to a simple line said flippantly in a conversation.

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Why not NYC...

3-Way Street from ronconcocacola on Vimeo.

I wouldn't survive one day!

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If you want to get me a birthday present...

I'd like to live here

(mainly mission bay, mission district, south market...maybe the noe valley...not like I've thought about it much)

maybe here

donations welcome

images from HERE

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I need an adventure

Yep my itchy feet have well and truly returned! Understandably so as I haven't been on holiday since I went to Nepal!

also I'm noticing trends...

While I was in Nepal I saw two people I knew from university.

Last year I'm pretty sure half of my nearest and dearest all went to Gambia.

currently I know 6 people that are traveling around New Zealand

about 5 people in Cambodia,

2 in Korea and

4 people in New York.

...I'm in Birmingham...

......I'm not jealous at all....


...nope...not one bit!...

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next time I'm out and bored I'm going to start saying I work for a magasine and doing THIS that weird tall guy in the blue suit was SO weird!

....Bar Roulette coming soon to a pub near you!

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previously in the life of Hadley

1) The tags for the post below read Found, Future, Job! I only just realised but it must have been an omen as this Summer I will indeed be working for THE CHALLENGE! I honestly don't think anyone can fully comprehend how excited I am! On top of that I still have the possibility of maybe doing two sessions of wither the challenge or two sessions of EFY ......or I might just do one of each; either way this Summer is going to be HECTIC! add into the mix that I'm on the committee to organise a conference for up to 800 people between 18 and 30 and Im starting to question what on Earth I was thinking!

2) I turn 23 in less than a month! I cannot decide on a pie party, a pimp that snack party or a panther party....or if in all fairness I just want to go and get food with people that I love.....the last one is kind of winning!

3) Yesterday I had SUCH a lovely day! One of my best friends sisters has been living roughly twenty minutes WALK away from where I live during her first year of university, now that the school year is coming to a close I actually met up with her and spent some time just chatting! We went to the farm.....(where I take everyone) and then we went to Manton's....(where I take everyone else) it was so fun and we've vowed to do it again! (I didn't take any pictures as the whole time at the farm we were being harassed by crazy dogs and terrorised by greedy geese! just a normal day down at the farm!)

4) Scotty and Aaron are coming down on Thursday! from Scotland! Ahhhh I actually can't wait...although I haven't got a clue what we're going to do!

5) A charity that I volunteered with when I was at school emailed me the other day about an informal interview for a role I'd applied for! OH HAPPY DAY [let us also not forget that this charity share an office with THE CHALLENGE....I don't know why I insist on always typing it in CAPITALS] so Dharshna is chatting away and asks me if I have any questions..... I tell her I've done it before...she tells me I don't need to come in on Thursday and she'll just send me a CRB form in the post! I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!!

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I didn't get that job but since then I've applied for many jobs that seem to be tailor made for me which surely mens I just have to wait and eventually I'll get one right!?.....

I had an interview this past weekend for an amazing opportunity but they've interviewed 300 peopel for 75 places and most of the other people that they interviewed were qualified teachers....we'll see. It's an AMAZING scheme and I'd emplore anyone finishing year 11 at school to get involved in THE CHALLENGE without even a slight hesitation.

On a slightly different note.....I need THESE in my life

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Hither and Thither

Again this blog was abandoned while I had exams but that will be the last time that they were the last set of exams I'll take for this degree! That's it! After three years of studying, deadlines and breakdowns in the library I have finished my degree.  The first thing that I purchased upon completion of my degree.... a political theory book!

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I might just be applying for the job of my dreams!

I went to to the Princes trust website to apply for a grant so I could start my own business!(long story) but I thought I'd click on vacancies and there it was!!! I now have an 11 page application pack to fill in before the end of the day! STRESSSSS!!!

prayers, bribes and cake are all welcome!


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I'm sorry

I have changed and I think to a degree for the worse!

Elements of my character that I was so happy to have held on to, and had not been tainted by modern society have slowly and subtly been worn away by others and their cynicism

I've been a bad friend of late. I've been wrapped up in small menial things and I haven't been there for the people who mean the most to me!

Slapped wrist...all is back to normal!

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Same Old

Ok so even after multiple personal resolves to improve my writing on my blog and also in my journal yet again I am my own victim of my personal challenges. It makes me wonder why I am always so adamant about setting my self personal challenges when I keep in mind my awful record of actually sticking to them!? I’m pretty sure that somewhere in a half completed journal somewhere there is no doubt a list and a date of challenges that I had recently undertaken. I say this because I can remember writing such a list while in a dizzy haze of self belief…oh the folly of my youth…I say that as if it was five years ago and I was still in school…oh how I wish! The truth is that this list was most likely written but six months ago. This sad realisation makes me want to curl up with the closest form of chocolate under an oversized duvet with something bread based….maybe a pizza….definitely a pizza…with all the cheese (I’m not sure if it’s the bread or the cheeses that I’m craving more while I wallow in pity!? life is quite a depressing state of affairs when it’s all written down)

I’m currently on a train heading to my Dads for the next week ….me and my amazing planning skills managed to overlook the fact that this trip includes mothers day 2011 and I am actually leaving my mom alone for this holiday that celebrates motherhood…..I’m an idiot!

ANYHOW!!! Less of the dull non events of my present existence…..(today has been ridiculous for many reasons all too boring to warrant documenting here) instead, the true reason why I am breaking my silence of electronic drivel is due to an epiphany ….ok maybe epiphany is a bit extreme as it was not a sudden realisation but more a gradual realisation over a week…or two…maybe even three (I’m pretty slow on the uptake)

I know that I quite often rabbit on about my friends and how much…(I’m on the phone to Libs helping her choose between a sherbet fountain and a dib dab![always happy to help]) they mean to me but it was only over the past few weeks I had truly come to understand how much they actually meant to me. Three years at university studying and living with people who in hindsight I hardly knew were three amazing years; as they drew to a close I started to realise how much I was going to miss them and delayed moving to Birmingham for another two months with excuse after excuse. I moved back to Birmingham….only to move out again two weeks later for 6 months into the most amazing cottage ever. It could have been the biggest mistake ever, Hannah and Libs had only met once or twice before we moved in and looking back on it I didn’t know Hannah all that well either….and I’d been friends with Libs for just under a year… sounds crazy ….if anyone else told me they were doing what we did I’d think they were insane. For the first few months we didn’t have a weekend alone; EVERY WEEKEND we had someone staying or we were somewhere else our weird gypsy family started to take shape; people from all over the country on occasion spending a few days in the cottage of love. As the cottage came to a close we managed to look back on our six months there and really appreciate it. I finally bit the bullet and moved home.

Being home now for a month-ish I can truly appreciate how much having friends around has really helped me over the past few years. There are certain things that aren’t for the blog……. And they’re kept in my journal (it’s a fine line) but I honestly don’t know where I’d have ended up if it wasn’t for a select few people in my life. It seems crazy as now I don’t even know where I’d be without them. I might live an hour and a half train ride from some, or an 11 hour flight from some, I may have known them for 6 months or for 11 years but those friendships are priceless.

The past weekend I was spending some time with some new friends….. oh my goodness…all I ended up doing was wishing that I was at home or just anywhere other than where I was. It sounds bad but that weekend I cam to truly appreciate the friendships I have with the people who I can whole heartedly call my friends. They’re honest to the point of brutality, opinionated, stubborn, confident but not arrogant, ‘quirky’, slightly out there and in the nicest way they don’t really care what you think about them. These are the people I choose to have around me and these are the people that I miss seeing on a daily or weekly basis. Some things deserve to be documented and if no one else is going to do it I guess then I should take it upon myself.

High Wycombe is a social abyss so even though this is quite obviously yet another resolve to write more……there wont be anything for about a week!!

I say that but who knows what this week will bring!

Who knows what the future will bring as a whole but I know that with friends like mine I’ll be fine!

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three muscles

I am obsessively interested in everything...yes I love Michael Wolff; I thin we could be best friends!

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Oh, The Temptation from Steve V on Vimeo.

I know that this video is really old but it still makes me laugh...I also wish I had half as much willpower as the kids in this video!

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Train Trip

This weekend I'm in Nottingham!

I needed to get away! things have been pretty stagnant in Birmingham.

jumping on a train = fun but I'm also now on my way to learning how to drive so suck on that Travel West Midlands!!!

I love my friends and today has been just what I needed

I know that I haven't written on here in a while but this is me making a decision to actually make an effort ....don't hold me to this!

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I no longer live here

this makes me sadder than it is even possible to comprehend

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I'm sorry

I haven't written anything on here since Christmas...I didn't think I 'd been that bad!

Now that I'm home and have access to the internet I'll try and post more stuff on here.....

for now

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"To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best night and day to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle any human being can fight and never stop fighting"

- e. e. Cummings
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