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When I was 14...

I wanted to be a wallpaper designer! (at least it's not something weird like a slug *cough*)

Someone out there must have that job and I wanted it to be me. I longed to walk into someones house and be able to say they've got my work on their walls!

In the last week I have found two websites with the most AMAZING...and equally overpriced wallpaper EVER! and so seven years on, as my degree comes to a close I think that maybe I'll see if I can crack out an art foundation and become a wallpaper designer! First step is to find all of my old art work and also to start drawing again!

I think from this you can tell how my revision is going!

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Letter *4

To Whom it may concern

Incase you missed the sign, this is the quiet carriage on the train!

just a thought...!?

Sincerely, me

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Letter *3

To whom it may concern,

I have loved our time together, you have changed me in ways you will never know. I am who I am because of our time together. I have soaked up every part of you that I have come into contact with and I will carry you around with me where ever I go. You have given me the confidence to pursue many thing I would have never thought possible and for that I say thank you. 

This may be a goodbye but it won't be forever as I could never stay away.  I will go, and I will change, but so will you, it's a fact of life! However, I know that when the time comes for us to be together again we'll pick up exactly where we left off. So here's to you my good friend! May time treat you well.

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Mr Postman

I have a whole book of letters written To whom they may concern!

Some are to actual people some to groups, some to people I don't even know but have just seen either on the street, in the library or in a shop, some to people still around, some to people passed on. I read through some of them the other day and it just made me smile hence why I started to share them...I will post a few more...or maybe many more; depending on how my mood takes me.

My parents are my best friends even when we don't get on or they start on their overly repetitive stories all I can do is laugh at them and with them, recently more so with them especially as I'm noticing all of the similar characteristic that we share. Dads aspirations for me that I just dismiss because it's as we spend more time together are more in line with what I would actually like to do, rather than what he would like to tell people I do!

I am ready for university to be finished but that is definitely not where my education will finish. I have books to read, languages to learn, places to visit, people to meet, food to taste and a whole host of other opportunities that will be placed in my path! With new experiences come new acquaintances, moving away from what I have known for the past three years will also mean inevitably loosing touch with people who are present in my life right now. That process has already started to happen as my revision causes me to become a recluse my associations with people are not as strong as they once were and I know that this is my fault but I guess eventually it will make it easier for me to slip away come July; maybe then I'll be bothered about keeping in touch!

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Rock the boat, don't rock the boat baby!

sometimes you have to rock the boat!

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Unelected, Unwanted, Untenable...THIS is England!

England held a General Election yesterday which has resulted in a hung parliament.

Gordon Brown is in the position as former ...sorry current prime minister to have the first chance at forming a coalition to run government. Many have said that Labour should just join up with the liberal democrats yes second and third together can beat first into submission and pretend that they never existed....they are fools...this still would not provide Labour with a majority so Ol' Gord would also have to include all other marginals which I doubt would go down well at all... Who wants a country run by every one that didn't win rather than the party that has the most seats. Ok most of the country did not vote conservative but more people are in favour of them than any other party...see where the difficulty arises?! most of the country do not want david Cameron as PM! So what do we do?....

We currently have an unelected prime minister which isn't rare....we've had two unelected Conservative Prime Ministers in the past...oh hello John Major! ...but this one is Gordon Brown and I just don't like him! Neither do most of the country! What about all those who voted Labour in pro Gordon Brown and may now end up with Milliband as Prime Minister if Gordon is forced to step down! It's just one big circus! Conservatives forming a coalition with the Liberal Democrats would provide a majority... but how they would ever manage to form a comprehensive manifesto that they can both agree on...the Liberals and the righty's come together to form a very English middle of the road ruling power!

The Liberal Democrats have never had this much power....more votes, but less to love the system. Nick Clegg now can decide whom he forms a coalition with; the countries eyes are on Nick!

Oh England!

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"To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best night and day to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle any human being can fight and never stop fighting"

- e. e. Cummings
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