Unelected, Unwanted, Untenable...THIS is England!

England held a General Election yesterday which has resulted in a hung parliament.

Gordon Brown is in the position as former ...sorry current prime minister to have the first chance at forming a coalition to run government. Many have said that Labour should just join up with the liberal democrats yes second and third together can beat first into submission and pretend that they never existed....they are fools...this still would not provide Labour with a majority so Ol' Gord would also have to include all other marginals which I doubt would go down well at all... Who wants a country run by every one that didn't win rather than the party that has the most seats. Ok most of the country did not vote conservative but more people are in favour of them than any other party...see where the difficulty arises?! most of the country do not want david Cameron as PM! So what do we do?....

We currently have an unelected prime minister which isn't rare....we've had two unelected Conservative Prime Ministers in the past...oh hello John Major! ...but this one is Gordon Brown and I just don't like him! Neither do most of the country! What about all those who voted Labour ...as in pro Gordon Brown and may now end up with Milliband as Prime Minister if Gordon is forced to step down! It's just one big circus! Conservatives forming a coalition with the Liberal Democrats would provide a majority... but how they would ever manage to form a comprehensive manifesto that they can both agree on...the Liberals and the righty's come together to form a very English middle of the road ruling power!

The Liberal Democrats have never had this much power....more votes, but less seats....got to love the system. Nick Clegg now can decide whom he forms a coalition with; the countries eyes are on Nick!

Oh England!

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One Response to Unelected, Unwanted, Untenable...THIS is England!

  1. The funny thing about this is that coming to America and seeing how conservative the Republicans is has made me feel much better about our conservative party, which really isn't conservative at all. I don't agree with many of their policies and don't like DC but he's better than GB any day, and we need a party that is going to sort out this economy and not make us look like a bunch of blithering idiots! If the tories and the lib dems could form a serious coalition that worked that could be quite productive, but I doubt it. I have no idea what's going to happen, but I'm kind of scared about the future of this country.


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