Day 5 of the Hunger Games

Ok So this is the second year I have taken up the live below the line challenge; last year I didn't document it and up until this point I hadn't documented this years challenge here I go. This year I am taking up the challenge as a Global Poverty Ambassador, but for Restless Development.

The Challenge (if you choose you accept it) Is to live below the extreme poverty line (country specific) for 5 days. In the UK that means £5 for 5 days food and drink, thats breakfast lunch and dinner....33p per meal. My goal is to raise £365 which is the equivalent of living a year below the line.

When I tell most people what I'm doing the question they all ask is why; I'm doing this for the same reason that I present the 1.4 billion reasons presentation, to give a glimpse into the lives of 1.4 billion people who have no choice but to live below the line everyday- and who have to make £1 cover a lot more than food and drink.

My shopping list for this week is as follows
loaf of bread - 47p
pasta - 30p
cous cous - 68p
pesto - 98p
cream cheese w/ garlic and herbs - 50p
pasta sauce - 39p
fish fingers - 60p
frozen mixed veg - 75p
instant mash - 20p
marmalade - 22p
gravy granules - 20p
6 eggs - £1
tin of beans - 27p
sponge mix - 22p 

the grand total of £6.78 leaving 22 pence to treat myself during the week WHOOP!

Ok today wasn't the most memorable day in my 23 years of living...

Breakfast - toast and marmalade
Lunch - 2 toast pizzas (surprisingly tasty)
Dinner - mixed veg and cous cous with a little bit of pesto......absolutely no flavour what so ever 

Tomorrow will be interesting to say the least! Over the past week I've had a constant headache that I'm going to put down to dehydration and a lack of sugar. My favourite meal last week (although it wasn't planned) was my left over chilli with pasta ...yes, it sounds vile but hey, small mercies!

Lets see how this goes!

If you'd like to sponsor me you can HERE
You can find out more about live below the line HERE
Find out more about Restless Development the charity I'm doing it for HERE

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