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I find this project fascinating! I'd always wondered how people could let their houses get into such a state of disrepair. In England it's most commonly old Council properties that no one want to live in. It's hard to place who's responsibility it is to maintain the upkeep of these houses. Why would you want the house next to yours to be a rundown mess.....surely it affects the value of your property also!? I'm not assuming that everyone is that self centred, but how can a society justify homelessness in a community when there are houses unattended.  Maybe local councils could take on the responsibility? ... but with their budgets spread thinly enough taking on yet another seemingly unnecessary frivolous project makes no sense. These are the things that I think about when I'm sat in the car but then I found THIS project from Kevin Bauman 100 abandoned houses.

Some of the houses included in this project are absolutely beautiful. It's easy to imagine back to their hay day when the neighbourhood was affluent and...well...populated! along with loving most of the buildings with all of their quirky architectural elements, the images themself are so striking and there are a limited number of prints available of each building...my favourite has already sold out!

The project documents abandonment in Detroit over the past ten years and more. With Brush Park, being close to Wayne State University and the entertainment district you'd think that the houses would be well maintained and desirable even if the purpose of the properties was to rent to students. How has his area gone from being the idilic American dream to a modern day ghost town. 

Detroit announced it would be redeveloping Brush Park...but as when I tidy my room I focus on one area and forget about the rest of the house; areas of Bush Park were 're-worked' while the rest of Detroit was ignored...certain areas of Brush GPark also saw no development. Some of the old houses were torn down, some butchered into apartments; residents that had stayed true to the area found developers forcing them out of their homes so that their buildings could be modernised. That's what you get for loyalty!

Detroit covers 143 square miles or 370 km squared, by comparison Birmingham is roughly 103 square miles and has a population of easily over 1 million people. The population of Detroit has fallen from near 2 million to less than 800,000. The number of abandoned houses is close to 12,000. 

with figures like this the situation is not likely to change any time soon!

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