Here's to the Past

My blog is turning into bogs that I dislike....just a collection of things that I've found on the internet!
RECTIFIED!...well it'll still include random things I've found on the intraweb butI'm back to writing!

lack of attention being paid to the blog....and I can't even think of a reason. I have all of the time in the world! I've been dedicating more time to my written journal! I love that book taking a couple of minutes out here and there is such a small ask but when read back all together it is so powerful! I should write in it more than I do!

I have been thinking about the passing of time recently and the joys of pasts present and possible futures! I guess it's a normal thing to think about after you graduate! This isn't just a summer for me.....this is life! Lectures don't start in September, this is my life! job hunting, cake baking, letter writing! As the sun sets n yet another chapter of my life all I can do as I look back is be greatful! Outcomes may not be what we expect when we first start a journey but we must enjoy the journey all the same! The outcome although maybe not what we desire is most likely what we need or deserve; appreciate it because unlike your wants this result is yours! claim it!

Thing get you down, we are tried at all times and in all things even when things are going well complacency to me is one of the scariest things! I hope I don't get complacent  in any area of my life; I will always try to renew, refresh and improve. Past conquests are just there to show you what you could achieve at that moment in time, learn from it and move forward, achieve more! We all have an infinite potential only limited by ourselves I refuse to limit myself!

I am grateful for all of my trials and hardships in my past, I don't regret my choices, I don't hold grudges, I learn from my experiences and move on strengthened from the episode. All is well! in the grand scheme of things this is but a short time! The past is the past, it has been and has been dealt with it does not bare reference for my future; nothing there is big enough that it holds weight on my future decisions. Every day is a new start, everyday I choose to improve!


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today is a new day!

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"To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best night and day to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle any human being can fight and never stop fighting"

- e. e. Cummings
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