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I'm an observer;....I observe! I think it's why I quite like Social Anthropology! I get to sit and watch or read and then continue to sit and think. In class we study different cultures, lost tribes, "new" civilisations and the things that set them apart from us; cultural differences, different thought processes whatever else the lecturer decides. I love it. 

There is nothing to say that our way is right, it is merely what we are used to. Many in the West see ourselves as the civilised, and feel like they must take it upon them selves to "teach" other cultures how to be civil and therefor more human(I watched a film where someone described an amazonian tribe as half human just because they didn't wear suits and carry briefcases). There have been very significant progresses in technology that we have the benefit of but with the benefits came the losses. Email makes it easier to communicate with people, text messages mean you can get in touch with someone when they are in a different country if it so takes your fancy but whatever happened to the phone-call, the letter... may I even suggest the face to face conversation! shock horror! Yes we as humans are capable of communicating face to face! (now there's a thought). 
Anyhow mini rant over.

I've found myself observing society, paying more attention to things that happen everyday in the situations that I find myself in. The way people interact with each other, the way in which people don't interact with each other, says the same amount maybe more. I've always enjoyed people watching, I think everyone does but it wasn't until recently I started analysing and I can't stop. In al fairnessI don't think i can call what I do analysing in the strictest....or loosest of terms in that case, but my eyes have been opened.

From the insecure, the over confident, the shy, the overbearing, the blunt, the quick witted, the intelligent, the silent, the academic, the not so academic, people that crave attention, people that crave affection, the crowd pleaser, the unstable, the charmer, the know all, the pessimist, the optimist, the "realist", to the down right schizophrenic.

I've never noticed how many people were just playing games, holding up a mask and entering into act two scene three of the big production that is their life. I'm bored of am-mature dramatics and child's play. While noticing people who are hiding behind a translucent facade (because most people can see straight through it) I've noticed that there are many some settings the majority who are themselves no matter what the situation, the don't hide it, they don't seek your acceptance and It is these people who I am so glad to be able to count as my friends. The rest I shall continue to observe....I wander what people observing me think?! I don't think I want to know! I don't really care!

A case of the fake people

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"To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best night and day to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle any human being can fight and never stop fighting"

- e. e. Cummings
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