Baah Humbug

While I was waiting for my Ethics lecture doing my best granny impression; swamped in knitwear, sucking on a Werthers reading the guardian G2, I came across Tanya Golds article about the Harrods Christmas Shop. After she had described the many different types of Santa Clause she was surrounded by [all looking somewhat Like Goerge Clooney according to her] she writes

"I almost want a baby Jesus back. Almost. But Santa has sat on him. Cot death. "

"I realise that baby Jesus is too religious for Christmas. Baby Jesus[unlike Santa] isn't commercial. He doesn't sell things"
It's a sad thought, but it's true. Christmas has progressively lost the true meaning and become to many people a holiday for holiday's sake. Gift giving, food eatting and clearly most importantly Santa Clooney who brings even more presents and could probably balance that mince pie on his chisseled jaw line. While watching one of our favourite Christmas films; Elf [Will Ferrel at his finest] I realised that this film too gave the impression that Christmas was all about believing in Santa Clause! As society becomes more and more secular the more we should try and preserve the true meaning of Christmas and not let it become swept up in Commercialism.

Christmas when I was younger was all about the birth of Christ, my nan wouldn't have let us forget even though I myself was not religious. I worry that future generations will not experience a true Christmas, every year we get less Carol singers, less Nativities[my cousin's school haven't had one for the past three years] and more elaborate with our presents not mentioning Santa's grotto looking more like pimp my crib! So let's not forget where it all started; in a manger, in a stable, in Bethlehem. me anywhere in the scriptures where it makes reference to PENGUINS!!??

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- e. e. Cummings
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