Burning Books

Today is a day dedicated to working in the library ...trusty ol' John Rylands in Green three. I only have to be in uni 3-4 for one lecture but insted I've been here since 8.45 with a break at 12-1.30 for lunch with a good friend....who just happens to be the person unfortunate enough to have been the person I felt I should tell how I felt yesterday. How they put up with me I don't know! they know me way too well and I find it quite funny even if a little scary at times. My random outburst yesterday came up as a topic for discussion ... mainly they were wondering where it came from; I tried to articulate it as best I could... that I knew I could tell them how I felt and it wouldn't affect anything between us but it came out as I can tell you how I'm feeling and I know you wouldn't care....WRONG, if anyone would, I know they'd care! I think they eventually understood and then the rest of lunch was spent with chat over chips from University V grills and a rumage in Bernardos as it's never open! I made my way back to the library and was there for about an hour when the fire alarm went off. I have never seen a group of students so determind to work; this is however a skewed proportion of the university population ....these students know where the library is, unlike most! The alarm was going off for quite a while befor anyone moved...and even then some tried to stay. It wasn't until the security guards came to usher everyone out that people eventully abandoned the comfort of the books. One of the highlights of this episode being all the students setting off the book alarms as they left the library refusing to leave behind the books they had spent the last hour looking for! Good luck getting those back Mr Rylands!

After waiting outside for roughly 10 minutes I gave up on the hope of ever regaining entry to the library befor it was time to leave for my lecture so I headed over early to find there were people already in there who had also given up on the library! Welcome to third year at university.

I enjoy Veronique Pin Fat's lectures but it had been such a long day that even I couldn't help nodding off slightly. Now imagine if I hadn't eatten a rocky road, pecan plait and had a hot vimto this morning ...I'd have been out cold! It was raining on the walk back to the library...this country makes it hard to be enthusiastic about studying! This university although a pretty good one is one of the lowest scoring for student satisfaction! (I can't say that this is due to fire alarms in the library because of building work or price increases in the library cafe above inflation ...but it doesn't help)

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"To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best night and day to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle any human being can fight and never stop fighting"

- e. e. Cummings
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