Desperate Housewives

Ok so I've been meaning to write on here for the past few days. Like most thing I start with a huge amount of enthusiasm and slowly...well ... within a week and a half it dissipates drastically so we'll see how this holds up! I walked into a seminar on Thursday and sat down knowing it was going to be the usual ball of fun! (Tom Porter is my actual hero!) On the desk infront of me someone had left their newspaper insert and the headline was

"Are you secretly desperate to be a housewife?"

Every person that walked into the room looked at it with a hilarious look of disdain, turned up their nose and walked on! ...I slipped it into my bag...rather than just laughing at the awful picture on the front I thought that I'd have a look at what the article had to say! Scientific tests and surveys of the like have been done to say that women would much rather stay at home with "a baking sheet rather that a spreadsheet" while their partner goes off to work. My other favourite line was a comparison between ironing boards and the boardroom. Various women were quoted in the article

"I didn't spend 25 years building
my career to become an unpaid
cleaner. I need more stimulation"

OK so it seems rather selfish the only reason this lady wants to work is because she wants the stimulation...In all fairness I love the feeling I get when I have a job and the satisfaction after each shift but at the same time it makes me appreciate sitting about and getting lost in a good book and listening to music. I do understand that it's not for everyone and maybe if that was what everyday was I may crave some other stimulation but being so career minded that no other stimulation will suffice.....if I'm ever this bad please slap me round the face and tell me to get my priorities straight!

"I think I'd be doing my children
a disservice by not working. I know
how miserable it would make me."


My favourite section of the article had to be the Jeremy Kyle trap! I'd hate to be stuck in a routine of Trisha, This Morning, Gilmore Girls, topped off with Jeremy Kyle over the ironing but at the same time....I Love Jezza Kyle!(Loose Women will never grace my television!)

On a different note my mom worked when I was younger and was never a stay at home mom apart from right at the start....I don't feel like I have suffered because of this and have a good relationship with my mother. After school clubs were the highlight of my days when I was at school and I wouldn't have it any other way! Single parent families as we were/are, are more and more common today and even if a mother wants to stay at home sometimes she has no choice but to work due to the composition of the household or even down to the state of the economy, it's hard for some families to survive on one income. To all the single parents out there I salute you; and so will your children!

I'm curently a third year Politics and Development student, one of my favourite modules last year was about the struggle for women in the workplace and in gaining an education! I don't intend to get myself into £18,000 of joyful debt to not do anything with it! One of the main things that keeps me going through this final year is the thought that I can do something I enjoy hopefully related to my degree at the end of it. I have the oportunity to work, thousands of other woman do not have this opportunity I don't intend to waste mine!

I have nothing against housewives and think that the connotations of the label are unjustified. Many are highly educated and being a housewife to them is a choice rather than a trap as it is commonly viewed by the world. However being bound by apron strings is not how I intend to spend the next 20 years of my life but if you do....fair play!

A blog that I follow has a post on an article by Diane Gottsman related to this...just for your pleasure.....13 ways to keep your husband happy...kill me now! here's the article ! Enjoy

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- e. e. Cummings
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