What's that small dot on the Horizon?...

...Oh...it's my comfort zone!

...That's not a comfortable feeling! Sunday was a good day! Sunday's are good days this one was made better by the fact that I had two of my very good friends over for the weekend. There was a slight shadow cast over theday at dinner time but it was soon overcome. Still Sunday as always was a good day. In the evening there was a fireside by the mission president on the Book Of Mormon...which he in simple terms put on trial; bringing forth evidence; or witnesses that testified of it's truthfulness.

I was ready to sit down and take note and listen to the words which were spoken when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Raj and Ayas had travelled from Bradford for the fireside, I had met them a few times previous and we'd had passing conversations and they wondered if I'd be able to translate. Now I'm no linguist, my French and German leave much to be desired as does my English, and anyone reading this can testify of that, however three years ago I took a course in BSL (British Sign Language) because I thought it'd be interesting....this was what I'd be translating the broadcast into as Raj and Ayas are deaf.

I had only done my level one, I hadn't had an oportunity to continue my learning and I also hadn't come into contact with too many...or any deaf people to practice my basic skills on, so rusty doesn't even come close to the sub-standard signing I had to offer. I tried explaining this to them but they said that some was better than nothing.

I knew how to do welcomes, describing people, directions, and occupations...some other things at a push...none of this was going to help me translate this broadcast! Strign away I was learning new signs as I'd quickly fingerspell key words that I didn't know the sign for such as testimony. I found myself listening more intently trying to think of what key points I should make sure they didn't miss. I translated peoples testimony's and explained where certain quotes had come from and the relevance of some slides that seemed misplaced in the presentation. The time flew as I was listening intently making sure that I didn't miss anything. I gained more from the presenttion than I think I would have if it had not been for Raj and Ayas and I also had the opportunity to improve one of my talents that was waining a fair degree. My aim is to improve my sign language and all of those other talents that I have let slip by the wayside.
I was pushed out of my comfort zone...way out of my comfort zone, but after the never ending stream of appologies to them about how horrendous my signing was, I did enjoy it! If I'm honest I would do it again ...all be it maybe with a little notice first...my comfort zone can only stretch so far!

Get used to going outside of your comfort zone and push those boundaries, broaden your horizons, that's when you'll see what you are really capable of! You never know, you might just surprise yourself!
image from notebook doodles

Sunday's are the best!

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- e. e. Cummings
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